Policy: Policy 4-4-4: Part Time Faculty Evaluation Guidelines Date Adopted: Nov 23, 2004
Department: Instruction Contact: Academic Director
Statement: Consistent with the WNC Part-time Faculty Information Guide, all part-time faculty members will be evaluated in the areas of course organization, classroom management, communication skills, facilitating learning, and technical skills.

Role of Administrator
Evaluations will be conducted by the dean of instruction or designee, and should include classroom observation, written evaluation based upon previously determined criteria, discussion with the faculty member, and response and signature of the faculty member verifying knowledge of the evaluations contents. The signature does not confer a faculty members agreement with its contents.

Role of Students
Students in each class taught by part-time faculty members will have the opportunity to complete evaluation forms.

The first evaluation for new part time faculty will take place on or about the middle of the semester. Evaluations for continuing part time faculty will be conducted between the 4th and 12th week of the semester. Whether it is administrative evaluation or peer observation, both the evaluator/observer and the faculty member will set the date(s) of the observation and any follow-up meetings. The dean of instruction or designee reserves the right to conduct more than one administrative evaluation per academic year. 20% of all part-time faculty members will be evaluated each academic year by the dean of instruction or designee.

Each division should determine specific criteria to be met by part-time faculty. Establishment of these criteria should include input from full and part-time faculty and the Academic Director. These criteria will be provided by the Academic Director to each new part-time faculty hired.


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1. Student evaluations collected in the following courses (list titles/semesters). Attach a copy of the summary sheet for each student evaluation.

2. Peer/supervisory evaluations obtained from: (list all sources).

3. Division Chairs evaluation, including nature of evidence evaluated.

4. Comments (if appropriate):

Faculty Member Signature Date

(Print Name of Division Chair) (Signature of Division Chair) Date

(Signature of Dean)

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