Policy: Policy 15-1-2: Outstanding Faculty Member Award Date Adopted:  
Department: Academic Faculty Senate/Honors Contact: Chair, Academic Faculty Senate
Statement: The College has instituted an annual award for either a full-time teaching or non-teaching faculty member. The award is competitive and includes a monetary award.

Table of Contents:

  1. Recognition
  2. Selection Process
  3. Eligibility/Nominations
  4. Notification

Section 1: Recognition

  1. Ten academic faculty members will be recognized each year for exemplary service to the college.
  2. The top candidate will receive the Outstanding Faculty Award with a $500 stipend.
  3. The remaining nine faculty members will be recognized as Honored Faculty.
  4. All recipients will be honored at an annual employee recognition event.

Section 2: Selection Process

  1. The selection process will be conducted by a committee composed of the three most recent recipients of the Outstanding Faculty Award and two additional academic faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate.
  2. The Faculty Senate Chair will announce the Committees first meeting and the chairperson will be selected by the Committee members.
  3. Committee members will not be eligible for either the Outstanding or Honored Faculty award.

Section 3: Eligibility/Nominations

  1. This award is open to any full-time (.5 or better) academic faculty member (teaching faculty, counselors, librarians).
  2. Nominations will take place in April of each year via a nomination form.
  3. Nominations can be made by professional staff, the administration, classified staff, or the Committee.
  4. An individual may nominate more than one person.
  5. Nominations must include a brief assessment of the candidate in one or more of the following areas:
    1. Outstanding accomplishments, achievements, or contributions to WNC/NSHE.
    2. The development of innovative courses or programs.
    3. Exemplary demonstration of service to students.
    4. Exceptional service to the college above and beyond the expected scope of duties.
    5. Recognized service to the community.
  6. The Outstanding Faculty Member Award Nomination Form is available on the WNC Intranet.

Section 4: Notification

  1. The committee will notify those faculty to be honored at least two weeks before the date of the annual employee recognition event.

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