Policy: Policy 12-1-2: Guidelines For Fundraising Policies And Procedures Date Adopted: Jan 15, 2008
Department: Development & External Affairs Contact: Vice President of Development and External Affairs
Statement: The purpose of coordinating all private fundraising activities through one office is five fold: Provide a continuity of message in building understanding and support for collegewide funding needs; 1. To avoid conflict and duplication of effort in the fundraising contact program; 2. To maximize the contribution from each potential donor. 3. To provide a complete accounting and audit trail of all monies donated to the college. 4. To ensure that no other fundraising efforts compete with the priorities established by the Western Nevada College Foundation in support of the college.

Table of Contents:

  1. Guidelines for Development Policies and Procedures
  2. Administrative Procedures

Section 1: Guidelines for Development Policies and Procedures

  1. Coordination of Appeals for Funds and Approaches to Donors
    1. It shall be the responsibility of the Development & External Affairs Office to serve as the coordinating agency for all types of fundraising programs and for all solicitation of funds and in-kind items from private individuals, foundations, businesses, corporations, and organizations to avoid an excessive number of solicitations in the name of the college. (Intradepartmental requests are not considered a part of this policy.)
    2. Any written request to undertake a fundraising program or to solicit contributions should be reviewed first through regular channels by the appropriate faculty advisor, Academic Director, dean or vice president.
    3. Any request involving the planning, construction, or expansion of a building to be funded by private sector gifts, shall be submitted to the appropriate dean and vice president, then to the president and Foundation Board of Trustees.
  2. Acceptance, Recording, and Acknowledgement of Gifts
    1. It shall be the responsibility of the Development & External Affairs Office to officially record and acknowledge receipt of all gifts to the college or any agency thereof, including cash, pledges, securities, trusts, insurance policies, real estate, and in-kind (non-cash) gifts of value over $5,000.00.
    2. For in-kind (non-cash) gifts with a value of $4,999 and under, the appropriate department will send an itemized list of items donated, name and address of donor to the Presidents office, and a thank you note will be issued. No monetary value will be given to the items donated; that is a responsibility of the donor to provide substantiation for their own tax purposes.
    3. All donations will be processed through the Development & External Affairs Office before being deposited in any college gift account. Five percent of all cash donations will be assessed by the Development Office to cover administrative and fund-raising expenses scholarship and payroll deduction donations are exempt from this assessment. Private donations or gifts will not be accepted by the Business Office in order for departments to avoid the five percent assessment.
    4. A complete and accurate record of every donor to WNC shall be maintained by the Development & External Affairs Office and shall be kept strictly confidential.
    5. Gifts will be refused or returned when the purpose (1) is inappropriate or not conducive to the best interest of the college, (2) is clearly a commercial endeavor, or (3) would obligate the college to undertake responsibilities, financial or otherwise, which it may not be capable of meeting for the period required by the terms of the gift.

Section 2: Administrative Procedures

  1. Delegation of Authority/Responsibility
    1. All fundraising activities of WNC and its units are coordinated by the Development & External Affairs Office, as designated by the president. Solicitation of gifts, funds or property shall not be made by anyone in the name of, or for the benefit of, WNC without express approval from the Development & External Affairs Office.
    2. In the case of fundraising activities sponsored by the Associated Students of Western Nevada or by other student groups, prior approval of the appropriate faculty advisor, department head, or dean is required, before seeking approval to solicit outside sources from the Development & External Affairs Office.
  2. Guidelines for College Initiated Gifts (Fundraising Programs)
    1. Any faculty or staff member who seeks to establish any type of fundraising program in the name of the college from individuals, business, industry, foundations, or community organizations shall follow the guidelines set forth in this document prior to any solicitation taking place.
      1. Before pursuing formal discussions with any potential donor for the cash support or for major in-kind (non-cash) gifts for any program/project, there should be conversations with the appropriate supervisor, dean, vice president, and the Development & External Affairs Office.
      2. All requests to undertake fundraising must be made in writing and by using the Fundraising and Solicitation Request Form.
      3. Prior to submitting a formal written request to potential donors, the mailing list, request letter, and any related documents will be reviewed by the Development & External Affairs Office for assistance in establishing a fundraising plan in coordination with other development activities.
    2. For non-solicitation type events such as car washes, bake sales, garage sales, and the like (where no outside solicitation is requested or necessary), individuals, councils, departments or student groups are asked to notify the Development & External Affairs Office prior to the event as a courtesy. However, all monies raised from these types of events must be immediately deposited with the Development & External Affairs Office for processing. A five percent fee will not be assessed on these types of events unless agreed to in advance by both parties. In no circumstances, are departments or groups authorized to have their own external checking accounts, saving accounts, or the like to hold monies. The Business Office and the Development & External Affairs Office have systems in place to conduct these types of transactions and are authorized by the president and the Board of Regents to handle such matters.
  3. Donor Initiated Gifts
    1. When a donor approaches the college/division/department with a cash contribution, the unit should let the donor know the gift be payable to the WNC Foundation and indicate the special unit and project/program.
    2. In-Kind (Non-Cash) Gifts when a donor approaches the college/division/department with a gift of equipment, materials or other non-cash assets with a value of more than $5,000, the item must be donated through the colleges foundation, earmarked for the intended unit. A qualified appraisal must be done and IRS Form 8283 will be completed. Any in-kind (noncash) gifts with a value under $5,000 will follow the process already mentioned in section 1.
  4. Receipts and Acknowledgments
    1. The Development & External Affairs Office will send receipts and thank you notes for all cash donations and items appraised at more than $5,000. Thank you notes for in-kind (noncash) gifts with a value of less than $5,000 should be sent from the appropriate staff person or department (this includes items for raffles, silent or live auctions, etc.). As noted previously, the Presidents Office also provides thank you notes on behalf of the president.

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