Policy: Policy 1-1-2: College Committee Nominations/Appointments Date Adopted: Dec 17, 2002
Department: President's Office Contact: President's Office
Statement: The President will inform the Senate and Council Chairs, (hereafter referred to as "the chairs") as to the college committees and requisite number of positions to be filled for the academic year.

Section 1: Procedure

  1. The chairs will solicit volunteers from their membership and discuss the composition of the committees with the President. The chairs will each nominate and submit, to the President, a ratified pool of names for each college committee.
  2. The committee chairs will meet individually with the President to discuss the committee nominations before appointments are made. If deemed to be in the best interest of the college, the President and committee chairs may opt for additional members for a given committee for one year.
  3. The President's Office will inform the college community of the appointments to college committees.

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