Social Work, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Pathways

Associate of Art Degree Requirements

WNC has 2+2 partnerships with UNR and many other institutions to make completing your degree at WNC and transferring later as smooth as possible. The Associate of Art degree is designed so students may tailor it to meet degree requirements for a variety of majors at transfer institutions.

Bachelor Degree Pathways

Human Development & Family Studies
A passion to work with individuals and families can lead to a variety of career options. HDFS grads are in demand in businesses, community settings and organizations because of their knowledge of family and group dynamics and their skills in program development and training.

Social Work WNC/UNR 3+1 Collaborative
As a profession, social work supports the welfare of individuals in a community by tackling problems related to poverty, discrimination, addiction, domestic violence and disabilities. Students can complete nearly 3 years (5 semesters) of a UNR social work bachelor degree at WNC.

Psychology is one of the largest majors at UNR and complements many career fields. Understanding principles of behavior can aid in communication, supervising and many other facets of professional life.

If society and social classes interest you, then sociology is your career path. Students with this bachelors degree pursue careers in criminal justice, journalism political science and more.

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