Western Nevada College has added to the convenience of its grab-and-go food offerings this fall.

Besides the various vending machines aligned around the Carson City campus, a Micro Mart now occupies the caf space in Wildcat Den on the first floor of the Aspen Building.

This means more refrigerated and frozen items for students, staff and visitors to choose from, as well as nonperishable foods.

Two of the favorites thus far are the turkey and ham croissant sandwiches, according to RenoAlbertazzi, the colleges vending machine operator who has reported brisk sales.

Transactions are eased through a payment kiosk, which tallies a bill from bar codes similar to scanners at a grocery store.

student purcahsing items

Some of the marts inventory includes ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, mini pizzas, burritos, yogurt, subs, cakes, muffins, protein drinks, soups, cereal, crackers, candy, donuts, chips, chow mein, soft drinks, Slim Jims, energy bars, ravioli, iced lattes, water, cupcakes, Gatorade, frappuccinos, and more.

The mart also includes two microwaves and a toaster. Pain relievers are also available for sale, including Advil, Tums and Motrin. This semester, the Micro Mart is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.