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Professor Profiles

The Professor Profiles section features WNC's faculty, their educational backgrounds, research interests, and key milestones. It's a narrative that unfolds through degrees earned, research projects undertaken, and the scholarly path they've paved. This gallery is an on-going project, there's more to come!


Dave Riske

Computer Information Technology

Computing Technologies Professor Dave Riske is one of the longest-serving instructors at Western Nevada College.

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John Duerk

Dr. John Duerk

Political Science and History Instructor 

Dr. John Duerk is a Political Science and History instructor who started at Western Nevada College in 2022. 

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Robert Ciminski teaching a class

Robert Ciminski

Nursing and Allied Health Instructor

How does a Navy veteran, carpenter and a product of a family of blue-collar workers wind up becoming a nurse and teaching nursing classes at Western Nevada College?

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