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Professor Profiles

The Professor Profiles section features WNC's faculty, their educational backgrounds, research interests, and key milestones. It's a narrative that unfolds through degrees earned, research projects undertaken, and the scholarly path they've paved. This gallery is an on-going project, there's more to come!

Christain Copley

Dr. Christian Copley Salem


Dr. Christian Copley Salem does all of that and more as a Western Nevada College chemistry professor. He’s very dedicated to his teaching profession and wants his students to enjoy learning as much as he fancies mentoring them.

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Brigette Dillet

Dr. Brigitte Dillet

Geology and Geography

Western Nevada College students are really fortunate to have the teaching experience of Dr. Brigitte Dillet for their geology and geography classes. After all, Dr. Dillet has been teaching at WNC since 1995.

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Gregory Sly

Gregory Sly

Criminal Justice

Following a distinguished 30-year criminal justice career, Gregory Sly came to Western Nevada College nearly a decade ago.

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Dave Riske

Computer Information Technology

Computing Technologies Professor Dave Riske is one of the longest-serving instructors at Western Nevada College.

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John Duerk

Dr. John Duerk

Political Science and History Instructor 

Dr. John Duerk is a Political Science and History instructor who started at Western Nevada College in 2022. 

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Robert Ciminski teaching a class

Robert Ciminski

Nursing and Allied Health Instructor

How does a Navy veteran, carpenter and a product of a family of blue-collar workers wind up becoming a nurse and teaching nursing classes at Western Nevada College?

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