Policy: Policy 9-1-1: Public Information and Promotion Date Adopted: May 09, 1984
Department: Information & Marketing Services Contact: Director
Statement: College public information and marketing shall be the responsibility of and coordinated through Information and Marketing Services.

Section 1: Public Information and Promotion

  1. Promotion and public information at Western Nevada College includes all of those planned efforts, actions and other measures which are used to increase community awareness of the college. These include public service announcements, news releases, purchased print and broadcast advertising, photography, speaking engagements by college personnel, brochures, fliers, catalogs, and in-house produced video and slide/tape programs.
  2. It will be the responsibility of the college president and each college vice president, dean, director, or coordinator to identify those activities within their areas of responsibility which they wish to have promoted.
  3. It will be the responsibility of the director of public information/marketing to produce and disseminate general college promotional and/or informational material. This will include working cooperatively with the originator of the concept, and serving as a liaison between the college and non-college personnel (such as printers, typesetters, print and broadcast media personnel, vendors and program organizers).
  4. Individual faculty members and college staff personnel are encouraged to identify college events and personal accomplishments worthy of promotion. Faculty and staff should submit an e-mail or telephone request to the director of public information/marketing.
  5. The individual faculty or staff member is responsible for the accuracy and content of the material and for obtaining the approval of the dean, coordinator, director, vice president or president prior to release of the information.
  6. News releases and copies of other promotional and/or public information material will be forwarded to the director of public information/marketing.
  7. The director shall maintain a file of all such information and shall review the information with the president on a regular basis.

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