Policy: Policy 8-3-1: Email Date Adopted: Jan 23, 2003
Department: Computing Services Contact: Director
Statement:  WNC mandates the provision of a wnc.edu email address to all employees as a requirement of employment.  The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to all users of the Western Nevada College (WNC) email system. This policy deals specifically with WNC, however, is supplemental to, and consistent with, the overall NSHE Computing Resources Policy located in the Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 1, 23.

Section 1: Appropriate Use

  1. Western Nevada College email is intended for purposes of, and in support of college related business.
  2. Accounts are granted only to those with a documented affiliation with WNC.
  3. A WNC account given to faculty and staff is only for the use of the person to whom it is given.
  4. All announcements via the WNC College maintained email lists must be transmitted utilizing the Bcc (Blind carbon copy) method.

Section 2: Inappropriate Use

  1. It is not appropriate to use the WNC e-mail system for any purpose that violates NSHE Code, or federal, or state laws and/or regulations.
  2. It is not appropriate to use the WNC e-mail system that results either directly or indirectly in interference or disruption to user email services or equipment. Such inappropriate uses include, but are not limited to:
    1. Distribution of unsolicited advertising or chain letters.
    2. Conducting non WNC or personal commercial transactions.
    3. Propagation of computer malware.
    4. Allowing others to use your email or email password.

Section 3: Privacy

  1. WNC email is the property of NSHE and is not guaranteed to be private. This is because system administrators who operate the system do have access to all email, and compliance with applicable law and implementation of WNC policies, including this policy, may result in the need to access an account.
    1. Depending on the circumstance, the President or their designee, a supervisor/department head, the Chancellor, or General Counsel, can request information as reasonably necessary from and employees's email account.
    2. Circumstances that could result in requests for account access are: user absences without notice, terminated employees, a valid subpoena, court order, public records requests, litigation, or to comply with federal or state law, or an executive order concerning national security.

Section 4: Enforcement

  1. The WNC employee will be notified of each complaint filed.
  2. Upon receipt of the third (3rd) complaint within a fiscal year, the employees Supervisor will be informed.

Date(s) Revised September 1, 2023; November 7, 2017; September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004; Date(s) Reviewed  

NSHE Code(s) Title 4, Chapter 1, 23 NRS Code(s)   NAC Code(s)  
Code Statement NSHE Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes: 6/99
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WNC ByLaws
NSHE Board of Regents Handbook
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