Policy: Policy 8-1-1: Computer Support Services Guidelines (Retired 11/3/23) Date Adopted:  
Department: Computing Services Contact: Director
Statement: All Student Information System (SIS) related questions should be directed to the dean of student services. If the dean requests technical help both the systems analyst and the micro-computer specialist will be available. The systems analyst is responsible for all contacts with the System Computing Services (SCS). Problems which require assistance from SCS should be directed to the systems analyst or the micro-computer specialist. All requests for major special projects and programs should be directed to the systems analyst. File servers will be backed up once a week at both campuses. Users are urged to store data on disks -- applications will live on the servers. Specifications for hardware and software purchases should be submitted to the systems analyst or the micro-computer specialist so they can recommend vendors, compare prices and check compatibility. All major computer related purchase orders at the college must be initialed by the systems analyst or micro-computer specialist. Service: Carson -- Submit a computer services request form to the micro-computer specialist. Fallon -- Requests should be made directly to the systems analyst. Memos may be used in his absence.

Section 1: Priorities in Order

  1. Registration support including hardware set-up and installation
  2. File server maintenance and management
  3. Academic Computing: Including support for labs in Hawthorne, Yerington, Lovelock, Fernley, Douglas and other centers as needed.
  4. Administrative Computing
  5. Hardware installation and maintenance
  6. Software applications: Work with faculty and staff with the implementation and configuration of new software.
  7. Planning for new construction as needed.

Date(s) Revised November 3, 2023; September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004; Date(s) Reviewed