Policy: Policy 7-5-1: Payment Plans Date Adopted:  
Department: Controller's Office Contact: Controller
Statement: Students with tuition and fees equaling $50.00 or more may enter into a payment plan agreement with WNC.

Section 1: Procedure and Guidelines

  1. During fall and spring semesters, a student with tuition and fees equaling $50.00 or more may select the on-line payment plan option in which the student makes monthly payments to cover the semesters registration fees. Payment due dates are determined by the college each semester and posted on the myWNC finance screens.
  2. The cost of Community Education classes and the cost of textbooks are not included in payment plans.
  3. Students who fail to meet their first payment plan requirement may have their enrollment cancelled; students who fail to meet subsequent payment requirements will be assessed a fee of $10 or 10% of the balance, whichever is greater based on the amount due on the payment due date.
  4. Failure to attend class will not release the obligation to pay all outstanding fee balances.
  5. Payment plan balances can be obtained from the myWNC Student Center or from the Controllers Office.
  6. Under exceptional circumstances, special payment arrangements may be approved by the Controller or designee.

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