Policy: Policy 7-4-1: Conflict of Interest Date Adopted: Octoer 2, 1984
Department: Controller's Office Contact: Controller
Statement: Conflicts of interest are prohibited.

Section 1: Conflicts of Interest

  1. In addition to such conflicts of interest prohibited by law, it shall also be prohibited for a member of the Board of Regents or an employee of the Nevada System of Higher Education:
    1. to become a contractor or a vendor for the purchase of supplies, equipment, services (except regular employment services) and construction under any contract or purchase order of any kind authorized by the Nevada System of Higher Education under the provisions of this chapter, or
    2. to be interested, directly, indirectly, through any member of a Regents or employees household, as defined by NRS 281A.100, or through any business entity in which the Regent or employee has a financial interest, in any kind of contract or purchase order so authorized by the receipt of any commission, profit or compensation of any kind.
  2. Except where may be prohibited by law, exceptions to this policy may be permitted:
    1. for contracts or purchase orders for which the proposed contractor or vendor is the sole source for the contract or purchase order and has not participated in or otherwise actively influenced the consideration or acceptance of offers for the contract or purchase order, or
    2. when, in the judgment of a President or member institution, the public interest would best be served by making such an exception.

Date(s) Revised March 3, 2023; September 10, 2018; September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004; October 2, 1984; Date(s) Reviewed  

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