Policy: Policy 5-1-4: Community Guest Use Date Adopted: Oct 01, 1998
Department: Library  Contact: Director
Statement: Community guest use of collections and facilities.

Section 1: Services for Community Guests

  1. Community guests are welcome to make use of the library facilities and borrow a limited selection of library materials. In keeping with the library mission to serve the college community. The needs of students, faculty, and staff take precedence over those of community guests.

Section 2: Borrowing Privileges

  1. After presenting identification and registering their Nevada public library card at a WNC Library, community guests may check out WNC books for the same loan period as WNC students. Community guests are restricted to borrowing 5 WNC books simultaneously. Replacement charges are the same as WNC students.
  2. Community guests may not check out WNC video materials, but they may view them in the library.

Section 3: Inter-Campus Loan/Interlibrary Loan

  1. The library will not borrow books from other institutions for non-student users.

Section 4: Library Cards

  1. If a community guest does not have a public library card, books will be placed on hold for one week while the patron obtains a card from their public library.

Section 5: Library Tours

  1. Priority is given to WNC classes and organizations followed by classes and organizations of other NSHE institutions.
  2. Tours for community organizations may be scheduled at the convenience of the library (time and staff permitting).

Section 6: Individual Library Instruction

  1. Library staff are available to provide basic assistance with technology and first tier troubleshooting.

Section 7: Computer Use

  1. First priority is given to WNC students, faculty and staff.  Community guests may be requested to discontinue usage if there are students waiting.
  2. Community guests must comply with Policy 8-1-2: Computing and Network Acceptable Use Policy when using computers in the library.

Section 8: Photocopying

  1. Library has a photocopier located in each library on the Carson City and Fallon Campuses. Charges for photocopying are published on the Library homepage.


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