Policy: Policy 5-1-2: Library Circulation Date Adopted: May 11, 2004  
Department: Library  Contact: Director  

Section 1: Circulation Policy

  1.  See Community Guest Use for certain restrictions.
  2. WNC materials may be renewed via telephone, the online library catalog, or in person. Students may not renew media items.
  3. Carson Campus materials that circulate to students and staff according to the schedule published on the library homepage.
  4. All items are subject to recall if an item is requested by another patron.
  5. Patrons must return materials promptly, if they receive an overdue or recall notice.
  6. Items will only be renewed if not on hold for someone else. Students may not renew media items.
  7. Borrowers will not be charged overdue fines for WNC materials, but will be billed for the replacement cost and processing fee if overdue items are not returned. Borrowing privileges will be suspended until bills are resolved.

Section 2: Non-Circulation Materials

  1. Library materials may be designated as "Non-Circulating" at the discretion of the library staff to accommodate high demand, high cost, or other considerations as needed. Non-circulating materials may not be removed from the library.

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