Policy: Policy 4-5-3-6: Academic Faculty Merit Policy Date Adopted: Oct 17, 2014
Department: Academic & Student Affairs Contact: Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Section 1: Equal Distribution first year(s), then combination

  1. First Year of Merit (2014-2015 Academic Year) and until an Evaluation System is in place:
    1. All faculty members will get an equal dollar amount. This amount will be calculated by dividing the total amount in the merit pool by the number of recipients.
  2. For the purposes of Merit, the ratings of Commendable and Excellent will be derived from the following scenarios on the Annual Plan/Self Evaluation and Classroom Observations:
    1. Commendable: Commendable/Commendable, Commendable/Satisfactory, or Excellent/Satisfactory
    2. Excellent: Excellent/Excellent or Excellent/Commendable
  3. Subsequent Years in Which Merit Is Available and an Evaluation System is in place:
    1. One third of the merit pool will be awarded in equal dollar amounts to all recipients earning commendable and above.
    2. Two thirds of the merit pool will be awarded based on faculty evaluations. Points will be awarded as follows:
      1. a. Excellent: 2
      2. Commendable: 1
      3. Satisfactory: 0
      4. NOTE: The maximum points that can be earned by a faculty member is 2.
    3. The points from all recipients will be totaled and 2/3 of the total merit pool will be divided by the total points to make a share. Each recipient will receive the merit increase of the points earned times the shares plus the equal distribution of the 1/3 merit pool.
  4. The criteria for faculty evaluations for the purposes of merit will be developed by the Faculty Evaluation Committee.
  5. Example of Merit Pool Distribution:
    1. In a pool of $90,000, the pool would be divided into two parts 1/3 equal distribution for those with Commendable and Excellent and 2/3 for the shares portion.
    2. 1/3 of $90,000 = $30,000 which will be equally distributed to those earning Commendable and above. For 51 faculty earning Commendable or Excellent, that would be $588.24 per person.
    3. 2/3 of $90,000 = $60,000.
    4. If a faculty member earned Commendable, the faculty member would get 1 = 1 share.
      If a faculty member earns Excellent, the faculty member would get 2 shares.
    5. If 2/3 of the faculty get Excellent and 1/3 get Commendable, then, out of 51 faculty:
      1. a. 342 + 171 = 85 shares.
      2. $60,000/85 = $705.88 per share.
      3. Faculty earning Commendable will receive a Merit of: $588.24 + $705.88 = $1294.12
      4. Faculty earning Excellent will receive a Merit of: $588.24 + 2x$705.88 = $2000

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