Policy: Policy 4-5-2-2: Administrative Transition Date Adopted:  
Department: Human Resources Contact: Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel
Statement: The Administrative Transition Policy governs the voluntary and involuntary movement of administrative positions including vice presidents, deans, directors, assistant, directors, coordinators, and other title at the manager and mid-manager levels at Western Nevada College requesting or being reassigned.

Table of Contents:

  1. Administrators with Tenure Status
  2. Administrator with Non-Tenure Status
  3. Involuntary Reassignment

Section 1: Administrators with Tenure Status

  1. An administrator with tenure status may request voluntary reassignment to a faculty position. The staff member shall request reassignment from their administrative position to a full time faculty position in writing at least six months in advance.
  2. At the time of the request for reassignment, the vice-president of the appropriate area shall evaluate and make a recommendation to the President of, the following:
    1. The overall professional performance and the location of the assignment where the administrator would best contribute to the academic unit at the college.
    2. The administrator shall be placed at the appropriate range and step on the faculty salary schedule based on their education and experience.
    3. The salary shall be no more than that of a leading academic faculty member with similar education and experience in the field or discipline to which the outgoing administrator will be reassigned.
    4. This comparison may be from both within and outside the college.
    5. The outgoing administrator may request a period of professional development leave in which to prepare to return to the duties of a full time academic faculty member. This leave shall not be a longer period that one (1) semester.
    6. The request for leave shall include a proposal for activity during the leave.
    7. The salary during this time period shall be set up to, but no greater than, the mid-point between the administrators outgoing salary and new academic faculty salary.
    8. The costs, salary and fringe benefits, payable during the leave period shall be paid by the outgoing administrators department.
    9. The president will review and make the final approval of the transition and new assignment in writing outlining any conditions that must be met.

Section 2: Administrator with Non-Tenure Status

  1. An administrator with non-tenure status may request consideration to be assigned to a vacant faculty position, in accordance with the conditions of Section 1, above.
  2. This reassignment is not automatic and is subject to approval by the vice president and president.

Section 3: Involuntary Reassignment

  1. In the event of an involuntary reassignment of the administrator to an academic faculty position, continuation of the salary, fringe benefits during the remainder of the term of the employment contract shall be determined by the provisions of the current contract.
  2. Upon expiration of the current contract and if the contract is renewed, the new salary and fringe benefits will be applied as determined in Section 1, B, (2-4) above. The professional development leave provisions, if applicable, shall be applied as in Section 1, B, (5-8) above.

Date(s) Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004; March 21, 1995; Date(s) Reviewed