Policy: Policy 4-4-5: Administrative Faculty Letter of Appointment Policy Date Adopted: Sep 19, 2006
Department: Human Resources Contact: Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel
Statement: This policy sets forth the method by which administrative faculty (.50 FTE and above) at Western Nevada College may assume LOA assignments. These assignments are not part of the written position description and are above the normal professional duties. Any assignment must be in accordance with NSHE Board of Regents Handbook provisions and WNC Bylaws.

Table of Contents:

  1. Teaching Classes or Accepting Assignments.
  2. Notification and Approval
  3. Exceptions

Section 1: Teaching Classes or Accepting Assignments.

  1. WNC administrative faculty may assume LOA assignments at WNC or at other NSHE institutions (for example teaching classes) that fall outside of their regular work assignments. However, the College must address the impact on their department and written approval must be obtained from the supervisor and Vice President.
    1. If the assignment is outside the hours of the employees normal work day, the employee may be compensated at the standard rate appropriate for the assignment, and only with their supervisors approval. The employee will perform all LOA duties (preparing, meeting with students, etc.) outside the normal work day.
    2. If the assignment is during the employees normal work day, the employee may:
      1. With approval of the supervisor, the employee may take annual leave for time spent during the normal working day for the additional assignment. Compensation will be at the standard part-time faculty or applicable rate.
        • -OR-
      2. With the approval of the supervisor, the employee may take an additional assignment during the normal work day without additional compensation.
    3. If an employee agrees to accept an assignment and receive no compensation, they may use the assignment as part of their college service. Paid assignments will not be viewed as service.
    4. Full-time administrative faculty will be limited to six instructional units per semester or eight hours per week on average for non-instructional assignments.

Section 2: Notification and Approval

  1. Written approval from the supervisor and appropriate vice president must be obtained before the employee agrees to an assignment.

Section 3: Exceptions

  1. The dean level and above are excluded from this policy.
  2. It is understood that the terms of this policy can be changed or altered only with the written approval of the College President.

Date(s) Revised December 1, 2009; September 2, 2008; October 5, 2006; Date(s) Reviewed