Policy: Policy 4-3-7: Overtime for Classified Staff Date Adopted: Feb 23, 2003
Department: Human Resources Contact: Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel
Statement: The federal Fair Labor Standards Act requires that time worked in excess of 40 hours in a week shall be paid or granted compensatory time at the rate of time and one-half for positions designated as non-exempt. NRS 284.180 and NAC 284.242 through 284.254 govern overtime for classified employees.

Section 1: Procedures

  1. Overtime must be kept to an absolute minimum. All overtime must be approved in advance by the appointing authority or his/her designee, unless an unpredictable emergency prevents prior approval or communication.
  2. The preferred method of compensating overtime is cash payment. Departments must have the funds budgeted in order for the overtime to be paid.
  3. The method of compensating overtime for classified employees for either cash payment or compensatory time must be agreed to before working the overtime. This agreement is recorded on the Report of Earned Overtime Form.
  4. Compensatory time shall be scheduled by the appropriate supervisor and should be within a reasonable amount of time. An employee must exhaust any compensatory time before using available annual leave.
  5. Classified staff may not accrue compensatory time in excess of 80 hours. Overtime liability in excess of the 80 hours must be paid in cash.
  6. Compensatory time below 80 hours may be paid at the discretion of the appointing authority.

Date(s) Revised September 2, 2008; Date(s) Reviewed  

NSHE Code(s)   NRS Code(s) 284.180 NAC Code(s) 284.242; 284.254
Code Statement Fair Labor Standards Act
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