Policy: Policy 4-3-6: Classified to Administrative Faculty Position Change Date Adopted: Apr 29, 1997
Department: Human Resources Contact: Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel
Statement: It shall be the policy of WNC to change a position from classified to administrative faculty only with written approval of the college president.

Table of Contents:

  1. Request for Change
  2. Presidential Review

Section 1: Request for Change

  1. A position must perform a variety of professional and administrative duties for a department or unit.
    1. A request for a position to change from classified to administrative faculty should be made in writing, and should have approval through the appropriate departmental channels to the college president.
    2. The request should include written rationale including reason for change from classified to administrative faculty and the financial impact of such a change.
    3. The college president may request additional information in reviewing the proposal.

Section 2: Presidential Review

  1. After reviewing the submitted documentation, the college president shall make the final decision on the request. Should the change be granted:
    1. the effective date of the change will begin on the first working day of the month following approval;
    2. the existing classified position shall be eliminated on the effective date of the change to administrative faculty.
  2. Written approval will then be forwarded to the WNC Human Resources Office for processing.

Date(s) Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004; October 28, 1999; October 21, 1997; Date(s) Reviewed