Policy: Policy 4-3-4: Classified Casual Labor Positions Date Adopted:  
Department: Human Resources Contact: Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel
Statement: Classified casual labor positions are intended to meet short-term needs for departments such as registration, summer employment, or temporary replacement for an employee on leave. These appointments are limited to 6 months in any 12-month period.

Table of Contents:

  1. Casual Labor
  2. Procedures
  3. Benefits

Section 1: Casual Labor

  1. The following types of casual labor are available:
    1. Regular Casual Labor Limited to 120 working days (approximately six months) in any 12-month pay period regardless of FTE. Regular casual labor positions are filled the same as regular classified positions, requiring recruitment and certification.
    2. 160 Hour Special Casual Labor Limited to 160 cumulative hours or less in a calendar year.
    3. Emergency Appointments Limited to 60 consecutive working days or less regardless of FTE.
    4. 1000-Hour Appointment Limited to 1000 hours in a calendar year and is limited to registration workers and college students carrying one to six credits per semester.

Section 2: Procedures

  1. To establish a casual labor position, the hiring department must complete a Request for Temporary Position form.
    1. This form must include the account number and blanket position number and all required signatures
    2. The form should be returned to the WNC Human Resources (HR) Office for processing.
    3. For questions and assistance, contact the WNC HR office.
  2. The form is then forwarded to Business Center North (BCN) Personnel Services for final approval.
  3. After receiving notification, the WNC HR Office will contact the hiring department with the approval and effective date.
  4. No appointment can be made prior to the effective date.
  5. The hiring department may appoint any qualified person.
  6. For regular casual labor positions, refer to Recruitment Guidelines for Classified Positions.

Section 3: Benefits

  1. All casual labor and emergency appointments are eligible to accrue sick leave and annual leave based upon the hours worked.
  2. When an appointment exceeds six calendar months (such as 160 and 1000 hour appointments), the employee will be eligible either to use or be paid for annual leave hours accrued when terminating.
  3. Employees working under six months are not eligible to use or be paid for annual leave.
  4. Casual labor employees are not eligible for retirement benefits, but may be subject to social security and Medicare contributions.
  5. Any employee who works more than 90 consecutive days at .50 FTE or more may become eligible for health insurance and other benefits at the departments expense.

Date(s) Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004; Date(s) Reviewed  

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