Policy: Policy 4-3-2: Recruitment Guidelines for Classified Staff Date Adopted:  
Department: Human Resources Contact: Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel
Statement: Classified personnel are State of Nevada employees and recruitment is governed by State Personnel under the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC).

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. New Positions
  3. Existing Position Vacancy
  4. Recruitment Process

Section 1: Introduction

  1. Requests for classified recruitment are processed by Business Center North (BCN) Human Resources in the order received.
  2. The timeline for completion may be very lengthy. Therefore, the hiring department will need to plan accordingly.
  3. The following guidelines are a general overview for classified recruitment and do not include temporary or casual labor, registration, 160 hour and emergency appointments.

Section 2: New Positions

  1. When a new classified position is budgeted, the hiring department should contact the WNC Human Resources (HR) Office as to how to proceed.
    1. A memo requesting approval to fill this position also needs to be completed and submitted to the Vice President and President. These written approvals must be received before proceeding.
    2. In addition, the hiring department must obtain, from WNC Finance, the correct account, position number and FTE and make sure the budget has been established for this position.
    3. A NPD-19 (long or short form) will need to be completed.
    4. After all approvals have been received, the memo and NPD-19 should then be forwarded to the WNC HR Office for processing.
  2. The NPD-19 and supporting forms will be forwarded to BCN Personnel Services, when completed.
    1. A study will be conducted which will include comparison with other similar positions; this may include a desk audit and/or interview with the supervisor and others to place that position in the correct classification.
    2. When this process is complete, the position then begins the recruitment process.

Section 3: Existing Position Vacancy

  1. When an existing classified position becomes vacant, the department needs to contact the WNC HR Office as to how to proceed.
    1. A memo requesting approval to fill this position must be submitted to the Vice President and President for approval. Human Resources must receive these written approvals before proceeding.
    2. After the WNC HR Office receives these written approvals, the necessary forms will be forwarded to BCN Personnel Services to begin the recruitment process.

Section 4: Recruitment Process

  1. For some classifications, applications are accepted and kept on file at the WNC HR Office. The hiring department will screen and interview from these applications.
  2. For most other vacancies, the State will certify an existing list of applicants or a new recruitment will be initiated depending on the type of recruitment, (i.e. open competitive, NSHE or WNC promotional). This process can be very time consuming. The WNC Human Resources Office will try to keep the hiring department updated on where the process is.
  3. Positions at Grade 23 or above will be announced in accordance with Policy 4-3-5.
  4. When the recruitment is completed, the hiring department will be provided with a list of certified interviewees.
    1. If five or fewer applicants are certified, all applicants are interviewed.
    2. If more than five applicants are listed, they will be ranked by a predetermined testing device to determine the five to be interviewed.
    3. If the list is unranked, the department may choose to interview any of the applicants off the list.
  5. The hiring department will contact and schedule all interviews with candidates.
    1. Interviewees should be given a reasonable amount of time to come for the interview.
    2. The applicant will need to bring a completed State of Nevada application to the interview, as BCN or State Personnel does not provide a copy of the application to the hiring department.
    3. No travel expenses are paid.
    4. Interview questions should be prepared in writing ahead of interviews. All applicants should be asked the same questions. For assistance, the WNC HR Office and/or Affirmative Action Officer should be contacted.
  6. After the interviews are completed, a memorandum must be forwarded to the appropriate Vice President and President to request approval for hiring.
    1. The rationale for hiring and the application of the candidate should be attached to this request.
    2. No offer of employment is to be made without the Presidents written approval.
  7. After the approval is received, the department may make an employment offer, and upon acceptance, the hiring department will notify those persons interviewed of the final decision by telephone.
  8. The hiring department will forward the approved memorandum along with the appointees completed application and the start date to the WNC HR Office. For each interviewee, the Interview Record for Classified must be completed in detail by the interviewer, along with a list of those on the interview committee, and a copy of the questions asked.
  9. The WNC HR Office will begin working on the hiring paperwork, once all the necessary materials have been received from the hiring department.

Date(s) Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004; Date(s) Reviewed  

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