Policy: Policy 4-3-2: Recruitment Guidelines for Classified Staff Date Adopted:  
Department: Human Resources Contact: Human Resources
Statement: Classified employees and classified recruitments are governed by the State of Nevada Department of Human Resources under the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC).

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. New Positions
  3. Existing Position Vacancy
  4. Recruitment Process

Section 1: Introduction

  1. Requests for classified recruitments are processed by the Human Resources Office (HR).
  2. Classified recruitments are conducted by Business Center North (BCN).
  3. The following guidelines are a general overview for classified recruitment and do not include temporary appointments.

Section 2: New Positions

  1. When a new classified position is approved, the hiring manager should contact HR for specific processes.
    1. The hiring manager should refer to the Chart of Accounts for the position's accounting/costing information, and to the WNC Budget Office to confirm the position's budgeted FTE.
    2. A form HR-19 must be completed. HR will advise on completion, assist in obtaining  signatures, and submit the form to BCN.
    3. BCN will conduct a classification study. This may include a desk audit and/or interviews with the hiring manager and others appropriate staff.
    4. Once the classification is approved, the recruitment process can begin.

Section 3: Existing Position Vacancy

  1. When an existing classified position becomes vacant, the hiring manager should refer to HR processes and guidance.

Section 4: Recruitment Process

  1. The State will certify an existing list of applicants or BCN will conduct a recruitment.
  2. Positions at Grade 23 or above will be announced in accordance with Policy 4-3-5.
  3. The hiring manager will assemble an interview panel on which the hiring manager will also serve.
    1. It is the hiring manager's responsibility to ensure that each panelist completes a confidentiality/nondisclosure form and training assigned by HR.
    2. The interview panel will develop interview and reference check questions for HR approval, and establish an estimated time-frame for meetings, application reviews, and interviews.
  4. The interview panel will be provided the applications.
    1. If there are five or fewer applicants, all applicants who meet the minimum qualifications must be interviewed.
    2. If there are more than five applicants the interview panel will select five or more to be interviewed.
    3. BCN will review the applicants selected for interview to ensure they meet the minimum qualifications and all interview standards are met.
    4. The Affirmative Action Officer or designee will conduct a review if the applicant pool and the candidates chosen for interviews.
  5. The hiring manager/interview panel will contact and schedule interviews will candidates.
  6. Once interviews are complete, the interview panel will conduct reference checks on the top candidate or the top two candidates in the case of a tie.
    1. The interview panel must attempt to contact at least three references.
    2. If the interview panel is unable to reach at least three references, the interview panel must document the attempts made to reach the references.
  7. HR will notify the hiring manager when an offer may be made. No offer of employment is to be made prior to the notification from HR.
  8. The hiring manager makes the employment offer and upon acceptance, notifies HR, the interview panel, and the WNC Budget Office of acceptance and start date.
  9. The hiring manager/interview panel notifies the candidates who were interviewed but not selected. HR will update the recruitment and an automated email will be sent informing all applicants that the position has been filled.

Date(s) Revised May 5, 2023; September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004 Date(s) Reviewed February 16, 2023

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