Policy: Policy 4-1-5: Jury Duty Date Adopted:  
Department: Human Resources Contact: Vice President of Administrative/Legal Services and General Counsel
Statement: Judicial leave will be granted to serve on a jury or when summoned to be a witness.

Section 1: Regulations

  1. Regulations concerning civil leave including jury duty, witness summons and other judicial leave are covered for the following:
    1. Classified Personnel Rules for State Personnel Administration NAC 284-582
    2. Professional Staff NSHE Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Codification of Board Policy Statements, Chapter 3, Section 23, Judicial Leave.

Date(s) Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004; Date(s) Reviewed  

NSHE Code(s)   NRS Code(s) 284.175; 284.345 NAC Code(s) 284.582
Code Statement  
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