Policy: Policy 4-1-2: New Hire Mentors Date Adopted: Feb 25, 2003
Department: Human Resources Contact: Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel
Statement: Every new .50 FTE or more employee will be assigned a mentor for a minimum of one year.

Table of Contents:

  1. Purpose
  2. Notification
  3. Procedure

Section 1: Purpose

  1. The purpose of the mentor is to give the new hire collegial support; to instill values of the colleges culture; and to help him or her learn college procedures, practices and policies.
  2. Mentorship is also recognized as serving an important purpose for employees who serve as mentors. Mentorship is recognized as an important way for established employees to improve their leadership skills, understand the perspectives of new employees, and enhance their professional resume. Mentors and their supervisors are encouraged to include this important service to the college in annual evaluations.

Section 2: Notification

  1. When a new employee is hired, the WNC Human Resources Office will e-mail the supervisor requesting that a mentor be assigned.

Section 3:Procedure

  1. At the start of each academic year, each governance group on campus (Academic Faculty Senate, Administrative Faculty Senate, and Classified Council) will gather a list of members of the respective groups who are willing and able to serve as mentors. This list will be submitted to the Human Resources Department.
  2. At the point when notification is made, the supervisor of the new hire will select a mentor from the list maintained by Human Resources for the newly hired individual.
  3. The supervisor will notify the Human Resources Department and the mentor of the selection. Human Resources Office will keep a master list. The mentor should contact the new hire as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks after being appointed.
  4. When possible, no single employee should be assigned more than one mentee in a single academic year. If all available mentors have already been assigned a mentee, the new hire supervisor and Human Resources office should collaborate to determine appropriate next steps, which could include requesting additional mentors from the governance group, assigning a second mentee to a mentor, or assigning a mentor from one of the other two governance groups.
  5. A mentor relationship may be dissolved at any time at the request of either party and a new mentor may be assigned.
  6. No mentor plays a role in a peer review process for the new hire, unless requested by the new hire

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