Policy: Policy 3-3-3: Individualized Course Date Adopted: Jan 15, 1993
Department: Academic & Student Affairs Contact: Academic Director
Statement: Individualized instruction and/or independent study is available to students in certain program areas. A maximum of 6 credits may be applied toward a degree program. These credits are not transferable. Individualized course must have a student completion document in the college record system.

Section 1: Enrollment Agreement

  1. When a student enrolls in an individualized course, the instructor responsible for evaluation must develop a written agreement with the student, specifying course objectives and activities to be completed.
  2. This agreement is to be filed with the appropriate academic director.

Section 2: Evaluation Report

  1. Upon completion of the course, the instructor responsible for the evaluation, must complete a written report specifying satisfactory completion of the obligation and activities in the student course agreement.
  2. This evaluation report is to filed with the appropriate academic director
  3. Upon completion of the individualized study, a standard grade sheet is to be completed and submitted to the admissions office.

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