Policy: Policy 3-3-2: CTE College Credit Date Adopted:  
Department: Academic & Student Affairs Contact: PAT Director & Perkins Grant Manager/CTE College Credit Coordinator
Statement: The following policy outlines procedures for articulation and processing of credits for comparable CTE course work between WNC and secondary institutions in WNCs service area. This type of articulation enables qualified students to earn identified college credit for successful completion of articulated high school CTE coursework and required assessments. WNC determines the credit value of a full high school CTE program based upon course alignment, and pursuant to CTE Program Standards developed/approved by the Nevada Department of Education.

Section 1: Articulation Agreements

WNCs CTE College Credit Coordinator or designee is responsible for processing and updating Articulation Agreements in partnership with the Nevada Department of Education, the WNC academic division, and identified academic faculty members. Representatives of all aforementioned staff and the Provost and Senior Vice President of academics sign each Articulation Agreement. Articulation Agreements for identified courses must be reviewed and renewed or terminated every three years.

Section 2: Articulated Credit Procedure

Qualified high school CTE program completers will find applicable procedures and apply for the CTE College Credit Program at:


Upon completion of the application and submission of all required documentation, the WNC CTE College Credit Coordinator will evaluate that all requirements are met and forward to WNC Admissions and Records for final processing.

Within the CTE College Credit program, students may be eligible for credits from more than one CTE program of study. In cases when a student is requesting credits for work completed in multiple programs, the CTE College Credit Coordinator or designee shall contact WNC Admissions and Records for review to ensure no credit or program cap restrictions are exceeded by the awarding of the applicable credits.

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