Policy: Policy 3-2-6: New Course/Program Development Date Adopted: Jan 23, 2007
Department: Academic & Student Affairs Contact: Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Statement: It shall be the policy of Western Nevada College to consider individual awards to academic faculty for the purpose of new course development, restructuring an existing course, or developing a new program.


Section 1: Definition

  1. Academic faculty may apply for course reassignment to develop a new course, restructure an existing course, or develop a new program. Faculty members will be given reassigned time from teaching to course/program development at a one-to-one instructional unit ratio.
  2. To be eligible for reassigned time, the faculty member will provide evidence that the project will be beneficial to students and the college and that completion of the new course or program development would not be possible unless reassigned time is granted.

Section 2: Request

  1. All academic full-time faculty are eligible to apply for this award.
  2. Part-time faculty are not eligible for reassigned time. Part-time faculty members should contact their Academic Director about the possibility of compensation for the development of a new course, restructuring an existing course, or developing a new program.
  3. Faculty members may apply every year.
  4. There is a maximum of twelve instructional units available for reassigned time through this program each academic year.
  5. A faculty member may apply for a maximum of six instructional units per year.
  6. Faculty may not accumulate an overload during the semester that they receive a reassignment for new course/program development.
  7. Faculty must notify the Academic Director before submitting the application. Evidence of division approval should be included in the application.
  8. The Sabbatical Committee will accept applications each fall semester. The committee will notify academic faculty with the dates of submission and information on the application process no later than September 15.
  9. Faculty will submit three copies of a written proposal to the committee by the date specified in the announcement for applications.
  10. Reassigned time is given at a one-to-one ratio. The development of a new three-credit class would result in a one semester, three instructional unit reassignment.

Section 3: Process

  1. Committee meetings and faculty interviews will be held each November.
  2. Deliberations of the committee will be confidential. The committee will review all applications in detail. At the request of the committee, faculty may be invited to defend their proposals.
  3. An alternate recipient will be selected in case a faculty member is unable to fulfill the approved proposal.
  4. The committee chair will report the committee recommendations to the Academic Faculty Senate no later than the December senate meeting.
  5. The committee will forward the final new course/program development recommendations to the Office of the President. The ultimate responsibility for awarding the reassigned time rests with the president.

Section 4: Standards

  1. The committee will consider the merits of the proposal and its benefit to the applicant, the college, the student community, and the curricular needs of the academic program.
  2. Faculty members receiving awards are required to submit a report to the Academic Director, the Sabbatical Committee, and the Office of the President on or before the completion of the semester the course reassignment was granted.
  3. The committee will deposit a copy of the application, the committee recommendations, and the recipients written report in the WNC Library archives.
  4. The faculty member must offer the developed class within one year from the date the reassigned time is granted.

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