Policy: Policy 3-2-15: New Course Commissioning Policy Date Adopted: March 8, 2024
Department: Academic & Student Affairs Contact: Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Statement: New Course Commissioning Policy

Section 1: Course Commission

When Western Nevada College has determined that it needs a course commissioned for future Faculty members to use it will put out a call to those interested members of the WNC community.

Directors will submit a request for a course to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs office for approval. If approved the request will be sent out from the Office of the VPASA. Those interested in sharing or participating will include the following items:

Once all potential courses have been submitted the designated Instructional Designer and Librarian will use the Completeness Rubric and best practices to review the course’s readiness.

This review will be submitted to the VPASA to determine the base compensation for the course to be commissioned by the college. The pay for this commission will be based on the standard affiliate rate per credit hour of the course.

Section 2: Course Commission Development

If a course does not meet full completeness rubric requirements a Course Creation Team will be established.

This process will use the Completeness Rubric + Development Rubric points to determine the compensation for a Subject Matter Expert. This is due to the use of college resources (Instructional Designer and Librarian) and potential addition of more Subject Matter Experts to work as a team. The pay for the course and development will be based on the total credit hours and the standard adjunct rate of pay.

Upon completion of the New Course Design the course will:

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