Policy: Policy 3-2-14: Faculty Verifying Student Attendance Date Adopted: Oct 18, 2018
Department: Academic & Student Affairs Contact: Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Statement: Academic teaching faculty will verify student attendance for all classes immediately after the 100% refund period for financial aid return of federal funds.

Section 1: Faculty Action Required

  1. Academic teaching faculty must report attendance for all students in all classes at the conclusion of the 100% refund period by the deadline established by the Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs.
  2. A determination of academic attendance or an academically-related activity will be made by the Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs in accordance with Title IV regulations.

Section 2: Procedure for Financial Aid Staff

  1. Financial Aid staff will identify students who did not attend one or all of their classes and perform R2T4 calculations and will return Title IV funds to the Department of Education within 30 dates of the conclusion of the 100% refund.

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