Policy: Policy 3-2-1: Course Approval Date Adopted: Sep 24, 1996
Department: Academic & Student Affairs Contact: Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Statement: Articulation and common course numbering forms must be submitted to and approved by the Curriculum Committee whenever a faculty member or administrator plans to create a new or reactivate a course, change an aspect of an articulated course, or deactivate a course.


Section 1: Approvals

  1. A course can be offered for academic credit only if the appropriate forms have been submitted to and approved by the Curriculum Committee.
  2. Course changes including prefix, number, units, title, prerequisite, corequisite, and course descriptions must be approved by the Curriculum Committee.
  3. New course reactivations, course changes, and course deactivations will be put into the student records system and published online and in publications only after the appropriate paperwork has been submitted to and approved by the Curriculum Committee.

Section 2: Instructions for Submission

  1. Faculty, an administrator or staff member must submit articulation and common course numbering forms with a course outline to the Admissions and Records or other designated representative on the Curriculum Committee for new courses, course changes, and course deactivations. Proposals to changes to course descriptions, prerequisites or corequisites only may be submitted in writing without the forms. Course outlines are not required for course deactivations.
  2. Prior to submission of the forms, per NSHE common course numbering regulations, an email must be sent to the appropriate contacts at all NSHE institutions regarding the proposed course or course changes (except for changes to descriptions, prerequisites and corequisites). The email must be sent per common course guidelines and approval or no objection must be granted from each NSHE institution.
  3. If necessary, forms are sent back to the individual initiating the request for corrections. The articulation form must contain all required signatures before a vote of the Curriculum Committee shall take place.
  4. The Curriculum Committee reviews all requests. If approved, the Admissions and Records or designated representative sends the Common Course Numbering form to the NSHE system office. Once NSHE approves, the course and/or course changes are entered into the student records system by Admissions and Records and may be published online and/or in the catalog.
  5. Requests for titles for Special Topics classes that are to appear on student transcripts must go through the Curriculum Committee for approval.

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