Policy: Policy 2-2-1: Evaluation by Students Date Adopted: Nov 01, 1996
Department: Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs Contact: Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs
Statement: It shall be the policy of WNC to solicit evaluation of instruction and effectiveness of the instructor's teaching from students. This evaluation will be conducted in a systematic way each semester (fall, spring and summer).

Section 1: In-Class Evaluation

  1. The evaluation by students shall be conducted during the last half of the instructional period and before final grades are issued.
  2. A link to student evaluation of classes is sent to students' preferred email addresses listed in student information. Students can also access class evaluation links through their class shells in the learning management system.

Section 2: Student Participation

  1. Students will be afforded the opportunity to evaluate the quality of instruction in every one of their enrolled courses.

Section 3: Distribution of Survey Results 

  1. After offical grades have been posted, faculty receive an email link to each of their class summaries of student evaluations. 
  2. The Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs, and the evaluation platform system administrator have access to all class evaluation summaries. Academic Directors have access to division class evaluation summaries.
  3. Summary evaluations of courses by students are retained following the NSHE Records Retention and Disposition Schedule.

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