Policy: Policy 2-2-1: Evaluation by Students Date Adopted: Nov 01, 1996
Department: Instruction Contact: Academic Director
Statement: It shall be the policy of WNC to solicit evaluation of instruction and effectiveness of the instructor's teaching from students. This evaluation will be conducted in a systematic way each semester (fall, spring and summer).

Table of Contents:

  1. In-Class Evaluation
  2. Student Participation
  3. Handling of Survey Forms

Section 1: In-Class Evaluation

  1. The evaluation by students shall be conducted during the last half of the instructional period.
  2. A student selected by the faculty member shall distribute the survey forms to those students in attendance, collect the surveys after the surveys are completed, and seal the surveys in the envelope provided. The faculty member (after reading the instructions to students) shall leave the room during the evaluation process.

Section 2: Student Participation

  1. Students will be afforded the opportunity to evaluate the quality of instruction in every one of their enrolled courses.

Section 3: Handling of Survey Forms

  1. Blank survey forms will be distributed to each faculty member by Institutional Research staff.
  2. Institutional Research staff members will process completed forms.
  3. Division summaries will be delivered to each appropriate Academic Director. Campus summaries will be delivered to the President, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and the Academic Director. Institutional Research will also maintain copies of the Division and campus summaries.
  4. Individual summaries and comments, if any, will be delivered to appropriate Division offices for their use and for distribution to faculty.
  5. Copies of individual summaries and comments, if any, will be delivered to the Dean of Instruction and will be kept on file in that office for three years.
  6. Original survey forms will be stored by Institutional Research for one academic year.

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