Policy: Policy 15-1-4: Associated Students of Western Nevada, Instructor of the Year Award Date Adopted:  
Department: Associated Students of Western Nevada/Honors Contact: President, Associated Students of Western Nevada
Statement: The Associated Students of Western Nevada (ASWN) grants an annual Instructor of the Year Award.

Table of Contents

  1. Nominations and Balloting
  2. Instructor Evaluation
  3. Announcement of Award

Section 1: Nominations and Balloting

  1. Copies of the Instructor of the Year Nomination Forms are made available to the student body on the Fallon and Carson campuses during a two week period in April of each year.
  2. Students nominate full-time instructors, sign the forms (for validation), and then place the ballots in a locked ballot box.
  3. At the end of the nomination period, ballots are counted by the ASWN to verify which instructor from each campus receives the most votes.

Section 2: Instructor Evaluation

  1. The ASWN then approaches each of the nominated instructors classes with evaluation forms for students in those specific instructors classes to complete.
  2. The forms are tabulated and then a representative from each of the campuses meets to confirm which instructor will receive the award.

Section 3: Announcement of Award

  1. The award is then announced at the graduation ceremony.
  2. A plaque is given to the recipient.

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