Policy: Policy 14-1-1: College Planning Date Adopted: Dec 18, 2001
Department: President's Office Contact: Assistant to the President
Statement: The College will maintain a Strategic Plan that is assessed on regular basis.

Section 1: College Strategic Planning

The college’s strategic planning process will align with the NWCCU seven-year accreditation cycle while providing annual goals for each academic year. This is a comprehensive, efficient, and effective approach.

A seven-year strategic planning process offers a robust framework for WNC to review and advance its vision, mission, and values. At the highest level, the comprehensive plan sets a clear trajectory that aligns with the college's core values and overarching vision. In approximately the sixth year of the plan, when the NWCCU report is due, the college will review progress and begin to engage in college-wide discussions to develop the next plan. This process is shared with college stakeholders, and allows for reflection on the plan's overall progress, reassess its alignment with the institution's mission, values, and vision, and make necessary adjustments.

Renewing the strategic plan in year six is an opportunity to ensure that the college remains true to its core principles and continues to pursue its long-term vision. It allows for course corrections, the refinement of goals, and a reaffirmation of the institution's values. This process not only ensures that the college is on the right path, but also strengthens its commitment to serving its community and achieving its mission.

Section 2: College Annual Planning

Each academic year before the end of the spring semester, the college president holds an all college meeting to present and discuss initiatives that the college will strategically focus on in the coming academic year. These initiatives are driven by the state, national higher education patterns, and campus level planning discussions that have taken place over the current academic year supporting the college’s seven-year master plan and goals. The intent of this college wide meeting is to “tee up” a strategic set of goals and objectives for the upcoming year that again, align with the college strategic plan and system and/or state directives. This timeline and process enables integration into departmental plans and employee performance reviews. This approach to planning and assessment fosters a culture of continuous improvement and accountability while creating efficiency for the entire campus community to work collectively toward the college's short- and long-term goals.

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