Policy: Policy 10-2-1: Use of Prison Labor Date Adopted: Nov 15, 2005
Department: Public Safety Contact: Director

Table of Contents:

  1. General Overview
  2. Screening Criteria
  3. Supervision
  4. Prisoner Escape
  5. Searches

Section 1: General Overview

  1. This policy has been formulated to best serve the needs of Western Nevada College (WNC) students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
  2. The primary purpose of this policy is the safety of all persons on campus, and the uninterrupted operation of campus activities.
  3. The effective and safe use of prisoner work crews on WNC property is a cost effective means to accomplish some tasks.

Section 2: Screening Criteria

  1. Prisoner work crews are used on campus in strict conformity with this policy.
  2. The term campus as used in this policy, shall be construed to include all property under the control and supervision of WNC.
  3. The Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) will select prisoner workers for campus work crews using their established screening process.
  4. The enforcement of this policy will be the responsibility of the WNC Public Safety department, NDOC, and any local or state law enforcement agency.

Section 3: Supervision

  1. All prisoner work crews will be continually supervised by the Nevada Department of Corrections per NRS 211.160.
  2. WNC will provide prisoner crews at a particular work location with breaks and lavatory facilities.
    1. Prisoners will remain confined to their work location and not allowed access to student or staff areas. On a limited basis, inmates may be allowed out of the work area if they are escorted by a correctional officer.
  3. College staff observing prisoners in unauthorized areas are to call Public Safety. Public Safety staff will then notify NDOC personnel and other appropriate authorities.
  4. The director of Public Safety, working with the Prison Education coordinator, is responsible to coordinate with the Department of Corrections, the resolution of any problems regarding prisoner supervision.

Section 4: Prisoner Escape

  1. Security Alert
    1. NDOC will provide current charges, criminal history, institutional behavior, wants/warrants and a current photo. WNC will not disseminate this information beyond those responsible for the protection of WNC and the campus community.
    2. In the event of a prisoner escape, the Public Safety department will issue a Campus Security Alert. The Campus Security Alert will be transmitted using electronic media, and posters throughout the campus. The posters will be distributed by the Emergency Response Team members designated for each building.
  2. Notification of law enforcement agencies
    1. The Public Safety department will notify NDOC and local law enforcement authorities of the escape, and provide them with a Campus Security Alert.

Section 5: Searches

  1. A fleeing felon is to be considered armed and dangerous. The Public Safety department, NDOC, and local law enforcement officers will patrol the campus and conduct general searches of occupied rooms. Any interior building searches will be conducted by deputies only. Public Safety officers will provide access to search areas, but will not conduct searches.

Date(s) Revised September 2, 2008; Date(s) Reviewed