Policy: Policy 10-1-3: Parking Regulations Date Adopted: Jan 01, 1984
Department: University Police Contact: University Police Sergeant
Statement: The Parking Regulations are promulgated under the provisions of NRS 396.435, and covers the use and parking of vehicles on the WNC campuses.

Section 1: General Overview

  1. These regulations are formulated to serve the needs of WNC students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
  2. Compliance is required to ensure safety and security at all times.
  3. The operation of a motor vehicle or bicycle on WNC property is a privilege and can be revoked for just cause at any time.
  4. The primary purpose of these regulations is the safety of all persons on campus, compliance of ADA regulations, access for emergency vehicles, and the uninterrupted operation of daily campus activities.

Section 2: Control Authorization

  1. No motor vehicle or bicycle shall be operated, parked, or otherwise used on the campus except in strict conformity with these regulations.
    1. The term campus, as used in these regulations, is construed to include all property under the control and supervision of Western Nevada College (WNC).
    2. Fees charged for violations are recommended by the WNC College Council and approved by the WNC president.
    3. All bicycles, motor vehicles, mopeds, and motorcycles will be required to comply with the WNC parking regulations as well as any state or municipal traffic laws.
  2. The enforcement of these regulations will be the responsibility of the University Police Department and any local or state law enforcement agency.
  3. The WNC College Council will assist the University Police Department in recommending any changes in parking and traffic matters to better serve the campus community.
    1. The Council will also hear and decide any appeals because of violations issued by the University Police Department.
    2. A University Police Department staff member will be present at any appeal.

Section 3: Vehicle Use Regulations

  1. Intersections. No vehicle shall be parked within twenty-five (25) feet of an intersection of any paved or unpaved roadway.
  2. Crosswalks. No vehicle shall be parked on any marked or otherwise indicated crosswalk.
  3. Lawns / Construction. No vehicle shall be parked or driven upon any lawn, planted area, or construction area. This will not apply to designated areas clearly marked to allow parking in areas due to construction projects, special events, or other matters deemed necessary to provide adequate parking space.
  4. Fire Hydrants. No vehicle shall be parked within fifteen (15) feet of any fire hydrant.
  5. Driveways. No vehicle shall be parked across any driveway, paved or unpaved.
  6. Obstruction of Traffic. No vehicle shall be parked in a lane of traffic to obstruct or impede the smooth and steady flow of traffic.
  7. Entrance to Buildings. No vehicle shall be parked in a manner to block the entrance to any building or to impede the easy access to such buildings for emergency, handicapped, or service vehicles.
  8. Parking Within Markers. No vehicle shall be parked so that it is on or overlaps any parking lines that are marked on the surface of the parking lots or designated areas of any street or roadway.
  9. No Parking Zones. No vehicle shall be parked in areas designated as no parking or stopping areas. All areas NOT specifically marked for parking are considered NO PARKING ZONES. These include red zones, fire hydrants, striped zones of paved areas, as well as any other means of parking a vehicle that causes damage to WNC property, obstructs traffic, or creates a safety hazard.
  10. Fire Lane. No vehicle shall be parked in a fire lane, which shall be clearly defined by a red line and/or fire lane sign.
  11. Handicapped Zone. No vehicle shall be parked in a space marked for handicap parking without a valid handicapped decal or license plate.
  12. Loading Zone. No vehicle shall be parked in an area marked as a loading zone unattended for more than twenty minutes. If more time is needed, a loading permit will be issued by the WNC Public Safety department. This will be issued only for the official business of delivering or picking up WNC property.
  13. Speeding. The maximum speed on campus shall be posted and is fifteen (15) miles per hour.
  14. Stop Sign. All vehicles shall come to a complete stop at any intersection marked by a stop sign.
  15. Abandoned Vehicle. A vehicle parked more than five consecutive days without being removed from campus is deemed to be abandoned, and will be towed at the owners expense unless prior written approval is granted by the University Police Department.
  16. Reckless Operation/ Careless Driving. No vehicle shall be operated in a careless or reckless manner on WNC property.
  17. DUI. No person shall operate any vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances.
  18. Large Vehicles and Campers. Vehicles more than 21 feet in length are required to park in areas designated by the University Police Department so as not to interfere with the normal parking spaces on campus property.
  19. Unattended Vehicle. No vehicle shall be parked and left unattended with the motor running.
  20. Registration / Insurance. If applicable per NRS, vehicles operated on WNC property will have a current registration and insurance certificate.
  21. Pedestrians. Pedestrians have the right of way on all WNC property.
  22. Bicycles. Bicycle operators must comply with all parking regulations and must be ridden with due regard for pedestrians. Bicycles must be parked in provided racks and under no exceptions can be parked to interfere with pedestrian access routes to building, on sidewalks or inside buildings.
  23. Barricades. When placed by authorized persons, no traffic will cross, remove, or otherwise enter any area controlled by barricades.
  24. Metered Parking. Parking in a metered space requires depositing fee appropriate for time usage. Hours of enforcement are Monday through Friday; 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. except holidays. Violators may be ticketed every four (4) hours.

Section 4: Enforcement

  1. Violation of State Law
    1. In the event of a violation of state or local law, the University Police Department may  issue citations or arrest violators. These matters will be referred to proper courts for appropriate action.
  2. Violation of Campus Parking Regulations
    1. The University Police Department will issue citations, and may have vehicles towed for violations of these regulations.
  3. Fees and Other Charges for Citations
    1. Citations issued will have a fee approved by the WNC president and shall be payable in 30 calendar days from the date of issue.
    2. Any citation fee not paid within 30 calendar days is considered delinquent, and a delinquent fee shall be added.
    3. Any costs incurred in the collection of delinquent fees will be added to the amount collected.
    4. The College may tow vehicles used by persons who have citations that are delinquent more than sixty days. See Towing.
    5. All fees will be paid at the Controller's office and checks will be made payable to the Board of Regents.
    6. Fees collected are deposited in an account managed by the WNC Chief Financial Officer and used for any parking related expenses.
    7. Excess speed, reckless operation, stop sign violations, and pedestrian right of way violations will be given a verbal warning. Second occurrence will result in the possibility of driving privileges revoked on campus property.
  4. Towing
    1. Vehicles blocking emergency or public access to campus facilities, are parked in fire lanes or handicapped spaces, or interfere with the operation of the college may be towed.
    2. Persons with delinquent citations greater than sixty days are subject to towing.
    3. A vehicle parked more than five consecutive days without removal from campus is deemed to be abandoned, and will be towed at the owners expense unless the University Police Department grants prior written approval.
    4. Towing is only authorized by the University Police Department.
    5. All appropriate fees and towing charges shall be paid before the vehicle is released to the owner.
  5. Appeals
    1. Any citation issued or fee charged which is not delinquent may be appealed by a request in writing addressed to the University Police Department within ten calendar days of the date of issue.
    2. An appeal hearing will be scheduled within thirty days after the appeal is received.
    3. The decision of the WNC President considered final. Citation fees will not be paid prior to an appeal hearing.
    4. Towing charges are not subject to appeal.
  6. Signs / Markings
    1. Signs and / or paint markings indicating the type of control will mark all controlled traffic areas.
    2. Red painted areas and / or signs indicate fire lanes and no parking areas.
    3. Yellow painted areas indicate loading zones.
    4. Wide White striped painted areas indicate crosswalks.
    5. Blue painted areas indicate handicapped parking.
    6. Traffic control signs are as indicated (stop, speed limit, no parking etc.).

Section 5: Parking Fine Schedule

  1. Handicap parking: $250.00
  2. Fire Zone/Fire Hydrant: $75.00
  3. Loading / No Parking Zone: $25.00
  4. Intersections / Crosswalks / Driveways / Permit Only / Obstruction of Traffic / Entrance to Buildings / Barricades / Within Markers / Abandoned Vehicle / Large Vehicles or Campers / Unattended Vehicles: $15.00
  5. Delinquent Fee: $15.00
  6. Metered Parking Violation: $20.00

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