Building upon the Mechatronics Level 1 certificate, Mechatronics Level 2 represents continued development of the knowledge and skills technicians need to work with complex systems. Level 2 coursework incorporates programming of modules, implementing and modifying processes and tools, and troubleshooting issues in mechatronic systems. WNC holds the distinction of being a Siemens Industrial Training (SITRAIN) partner school.

Required Courses

Course Title Units
AIT 270 Mechatronics 2: Process Control Technologies 3
AIT 271 Mechatronics 2: Intro to Totally Integrated Automation 3
AIT 272 Mechatronics 2: Automation Systems 3
AIT 273 Mechatronics 2: Motor Control 3
AIT 274 Mechatronics 2: Mechanics and Machine Elements 3
AIT 275 Mechatronics 2: Manufacturing Processes 3

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